J Kim Wright - Lawyer as Peacemaker and Changemaker


J Kim Wright - Lawyer as Peacemaker and Changemaker


Based upon Kim's ABA books, this rapid-fire one-hour overview focuses on the the inspiring peacemaking, problem-solving, and preventative practices and models that are changing the face of the practice of law. 

It is designed for lawyers who need and want to develop their understanding of the global Integrative Law Movement and are ready to begin a personal journey to bring their full selves to the legal profession. 

The program works on the external level: covering worldwide changes to legal practice and new practice areas, as well as the internal level: beginning a personal growth journey for each of the participants in the program. 

Topics include: 

  • A Paradigm Shift in Business, Medicine, Journalism, and other disciplines and how that impacts law. 
  • How Law acts like DNA in shaping society
  • Values that are shifting the legal profession
  • Some examples of models (Conscious Contracts to Earth Law to Sharing Law to Collaborative Practice to Restorative Justice to Visuals in Law)
  • A discussion of how this movement affects every lawyer and everyone who interacts with lawyers. 
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